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  • Fingergrill 32×16 cm 32,70 

    FINGERgrill is the ideal griddle for cooking finger foods: small appetizers that can be enjoyed in one bite even without cutlery, which have now become a must-have of fine dining. Its surface is nonstick and designed to ensure even cooking, is perfect for serving your specialties on the table while still hot, and is super easy to clean. FINGERgrill can be used not only to cook miniature delicacies, but also to grill meat, fish, and vegetables either in the oven or on the barbecue, or directly on the stovetop. Size 32×16 cm.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • BBQ griddle 38×26 cm 77,87 

    Designed within our Italian supply chain, the BBQ griddle is made of high quality thick die-cast aluminum. This ensures strength and durability, with perfect heat distribution, whether in the oven, on the barbecue or on the stove. 6 mm thick. Size 38 x 26 cm.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

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