Barbecue Koreano Cosmo

  • Barbecue Koreano Cosmo
  • Barbecue Koreano Cosmo
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Barbecue Koreano Cosmo
  • ideal for dietetic and fat-free cooking
  • possibility of differentiated cooking
  • greater energy savings
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
Ø 38 cm
€ 145.95
Free shipping for orders over 200 € including VAT

Perfect for a koreana barbecue with thin slices of marinated meat. Aluminum is heated to a very high temperature while the residual marinade disappears through the central hole. The meat is cooked instantly.

Ø 38 cm
Die Cast Aluminium
6.00 mm
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Oven

Once the ideal temperature of the Barbecue has been reached, place the plate in the center of the Barbecue, which will heat correctly indirectly, but guaranteeing the typical scent of the Barbecue without contaminating the food for healthy cooking. Once cooked, just let the plate cool and then clean it with water.


Look out your kitchen window: is the landscape different, exotic, amazing and nice all at once? That means you are using Risolì Gourmet Explora: the cooking line for them who is always looking for new arouse.

Explora unites to the traditional Risolì Gorumet quality, made out of Die cast aluminium high thickness with Autograph coating, ethnical design inspiration and a high performance. Take for instance "Cosmopan", the frying pan that incorporates a grill, to cook in different ways at the same time. Finally, your fantasy is free.

Risolì Gourmet has created a special and exclusive line of fine taste pieces. Risolì Gourmet Explora blrings together a result of a reserarch of several culinary cultures. Technological and beautifully designed cooking utensils that will wake up in you your ethnical spirit and spicy up your cooking creativity granting you the possibility of cooking together different kind of food creating fancy recipes with fun!