Stone Plate for Pizza

  • Stone Plate for Pizza
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Stone Plate for Pizza
  • thre layers of scratch resistant non-stick material 100% non-toxic and food safe
  • cast aluminium thick base (6 mm)
  • unvarying cooking
  • supervised supply chain
  • 100% made in italy 
Ø 34 cm
€ 65.00
Free shipping for orders over 200 € including VAT

Perfect for cooking a real Pizza and more! On this Pietra Pizza plate the surface is heated to the ideal temperature thanks to 10,00 MM. Thick and its 2.5 KG of weight. You get a perfect base and crust, all with an unsurpassable ease of cleaning to avoid dirtying your BBQ.

Ø 34 cm
Die Cast Aluminium
10.00 mm
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Oven and Barbecue

A lot of possibilities, easy to use BBQ section accessories are removable. Place the plate in the center of the Barbecue which will heat correctly indirectly but guaranteeing the typical scent of the Barbecue without contaminating the food for a healthy cooking. Once cooked, just let the plate cool and then clean it with water.


Cooking and spare time: the new range of products which guarantees professional performance and practicality during home barbecue cook.

Risolì gives birth to the line BBQ.

Its thick body (6mm), made in die cast aluminum and and the non-stick surface guarantee the best results.

It is designed to offer ease of use, ease of cleaning and perfect cooking, too.

With the new line BBQ you can cook meat, fish and vegetables, all in a healthy and dietetic way.