Gel igienizzante mani Profumato Dr Green

  • Gel igienizzante mani Profumato Dr Green
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Gel igienizzante mani Profumato Dr Green
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
80 ml cm
€ 4.99
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Grapefruit and Bergamot scented hand sanitizing gel, convenient 80 ml vial to always carry with you. Safe for your daily hygiene both inside and outside the home. Think big, think Green - Made in Italy

80 ml cm
0.00 mm

The quality which has characterised Risolì for over 50 years has been expanded today by enlarging the family with complementary products and utensils. The life of your pots and pans can be even longer and there are some useful accessories to help you in the kitchen.

Utensils and tools to ensure that foods are handled safely. Proven durability allows them to be used at high temperatures, up to 220°C, and their ergonomic design makes them comfortable and easy to use. Risolì utensils are made of nylon which is manufactured in Italy, recyclable and certified to be food safe.

Soft, durable and reliable: Dr. Green® textile accessories are your ideal aids for cleaning and handling Risolì pots and pans. Loyal to Italian production, all textiles are 100% made in Italy and consist entirely of pure cotton. Their dual structure allow for uniting style and functionality: the parts with honeycomb pattern make them stronger to withstand ripping and wear and tear, the panama side has the typical Dr. Green® pattern.

In conjunction with I.C.E. FOR SpA, Risolì has developed ecofriendly detergents with surfactants of vegetable origin for your Dr. Green® and other kitchen equipment. It is hypoallergenic and completely biodegradable, mild on skin and gentle on the environment.