Gastronorm Griddle

  • Gastronorm Griddle
  • Gastronorm Griddle
  • Gastronorm Griddle
  • Gastronorm Griddle
  • Gastronorm Griddle
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Gastronorm Griddle
  • Complete set of professional cookware 
  • 3-year warranty also for professional use
  • Thermo-insulating handles made of stainless steel 18/10
  • Professional assembly with rivet fastner
  • Platinum plus® coating
  • Cast aluminum 6 mm thick 

Patendeted GASTRONORM Griddle in Die cast aluminium alloy griddle body at very high conduction. Flange edge which allows the insertion straight into te oven rack. Relief lines. Lower external area to drain the fats and Fat gathering areas.

53x32.5 cm cm
Die Cast Aluminium
6.00 mm
Teflon Platinum
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Convection Oven


Risolì professional line has been designed and developed to meet the demanding requirements of worldwide professional Chefs.

The entire collection is made of cast aluminum, which enables a better stability, a higher diffusion without wasting energy along with a better distribution of the heat long the surface. The 6 mm thick crushproof bottom allows cooking without changing the flavor, the taste and the dietary value of the ingredients.

In addition, the professional non-stick coating ECO3 makes possible a fat-free cooking, a better hygienic control and an easier cleaning.

Risolì Professional line is useful, functional, innovative and it is also perfect for domestic use.