Grill Plain folding handle

  • Grill Plain folding handle
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Grill Plain folding handle
  • Cookware set for induction cooking available in different shapes and sizes
  • Stainless steel bottom with H.E.A.T. technology perfect for any heat sources
  • 50% better performances and efficacy thanks to the cast aluminum and steel
  • Titanium® coating
  • Soft Touch ergonomic handles and steam vent knobs

Grill Plain 'INDUCTION' line 26x26cm in Die Cast Aluminium high thickness non-stick with Grey SILICON folding handle. The inox steel base is applied by H.E.A.T method. This involves abrasion welding, a unique form of production which offers an increased 50% efficiency and reliability compared to the usual procedures.

Die Cast Aluminium
7.00 mm
Teflon Classic
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Induction


Composed by 16 different pieces, designed and developed specifically for this type of heat sources, Risolì Induction line has been realized in cast aluminum with a Titanium high tech triple layer non-stick coating and a special stainless steel bottom for induction, following the H.E.A.T. method.

This special manufacture is one of a kind and allows a perfect spread of the heat and fat-free cooking.

The entire collection Risolì Induction is equipped with Soft Touch ergonomic handles and steam vent knobs.