Saporella wood touch

Saporella Wood Touch

Cooking satisfy one of the main needs of our life: why don't take pleasure out of it with joy and elegance? 

Risolì Gourmet has created Wood, cooking instruments that pleases also the sight, thanks to its lovely wood inserts. Ergonomic handles and knobs in natural beech wood can also cook without efforts by the wrist, especially during lifting and rotation.

The Wood line comprehends a sauce pot, sauce pan and frying pan, all high thickness die cast aluminium made, the wood handle and knobs beauties.

To the ones that are looking for distinction of everything around us, or them who wants to overcame the shapes rules, finally the kitchenware that knows how to be admired also on the table.

  • professional performance in the comfort of your home

  • the only inimitable since 1965

  • more thickness for more heat

  • space-saving

  • does not smoke nor smell

  • you may cook like cooking on a wood burning fire