Dr.Green®Extra Induction

Dr.Green® ExtraInduction

Any stove needs its own cookware and this is the reason why Risolì decided to double the Dr. Green® line and to dedicate a special collection to the induction cooktops. Dr. Green® ExtraInduction full contact in 100% stainless steel guarantees the best cooking experience, quality standard and the longest product-life. 

This newest line has already encountered the tastes and the approval of the users, in particular thanks to its innovative character that reflects the latest trends. With Dr. Green® ExtraInduction it is possible to cook in a healthy and natural way because it does not require big amounts of fat oils during the preparation. 

Dr. Green® means also an eco-friendly line characterized by an inorganic non-stick coating, which is water based and developed with the Green Stone® technology. The fillet welding, which covers entirely the bottom, guarantees the maximum efficiency of pots and pans and power saving.

Dr. Green® ExtraInduction: a line that keeps its promises. 

  • Safe and healthy cooking also available for induction heat

  • Water based inorganic coating

  • Greenstone® long-lasting non-stick coating

  • Supervised supply chain

  • 100% made in Italy