Frypan with removable handle

  • Frypan with removable handle
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Frypan with removable handle
  • go quietly in the oven while increasing the performance of cooking
  • interior trim Platinum Plus Chemours®
  • single body in minimum melting 6.0 mm
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
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Frypan 'CLICK' for line on Die Cast Aluminium high thickness non-stick suitable for use into the oven.

Ø 20 cm, Ø 24 cm, Ø 28 cm, Ø 32 cm
Die Cast Aluminium
7.00 mm
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Induction, Oven

Optima Forno

Can you imagine cooking a good meal without the oven? hard, isn't it?

Knowing the oven importance, Risolì Gourmet has created a baking line that will enhance your recipes.

This oven line has got peculier characteristics that determinate Risolì's Gourmet success: all the pieces are aluminium die cast made, 8mm bottom wall thickness and with Platinum Plus DuPont® coating that guarantees a non-stick cooking even on high temperatures.

The oven line is comprehensive of a baking dish, a roasting with high-temperature resistant glass cover, a saucepot with its saucepan lid that can perform separated which makes it the perfect oven frying pan. Bake safe with Risolì!