Oval Fishpan Dr Green

  • Oval Fishpan Dr Green
  • Oval Fishpan Dr Green
  • Oval Fishpan Dr Green
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Oval Fishpan Dr Green

Eating healthy means also cooking in a healthy way, with trusted cookware, which does not release any harmful substances and allows delicate cooking as well. This will make the cooking-time easier and more exciting. 

Risolì gives birth to the Dr. Green® non-stick cookware collection. This is the perfect tool for a daily healthy cooking, it is so versatile that can be used for any kind of meal and technique such as steam cooking, low-temperature cooking and also for baking.

46X26,5 cm
€ 85.00
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"La Pescera" by Risolì is innovative thanks to the recycled and recyclable die-cast aluminum it has been possible to melt it to different thicknesses as well as developing a special" honeycomb "base that saves aroma that will respect the organoleptic properties of the food by sealing it to the food. Fish in its many variants, but also for fillets, zampone or cotechino. Suitable for cooking in the oven, but also with gas, electric and bbq (no induction)
The RISOLI '® oval fish bowl will enhance the flavors for a healthy and light cuisine, ecological and in line with current health disciplines. "

46X26,5 cm
Die Cast Aluminium
6.00 mm
Green - Stone®
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Oven


The entire Dr. Green® collection is manufactured with the exclusive water based and inert green stone with double resistance to wear. 

Thanks to its thick body (6mm), made in die cast aluminum, the cooking temperature remains the same long the surface and this allows a low-temperature cooking. This cooking technique does not alter the food but rather enhance its flavor.