Oval Fishpan Granito Hard Stone

  • Oval Fishpan Granito Hard Stone
  • Oval Fishpan Granito Hard Stone
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Oval Fishpan Granito Hard Stone
  • 100% non-stick HARD STONE
  • new and much more resistant 30 µ
  • only die-cast aluminum with an undeformable high thickness
  • system reinforced with mineral particles
  • ergonomic
  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
46X26,5 cm
€ 75.00
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"La Pescera" by Risolì is innovative thanks to the recycled and recyclable die-cast aluminum it has been possible to melt it to different thicknesses as well as developing a special" honeycomb "base that saves aroma that will respect the organoleptic properties of the food by sealing it to the food. Fish in its many variants, but also for fillets, zampone or cotechino. Suitable for cooking in the oven, but also with gas, electric and bbq (no induction)
The RISOLI '® oval fish bowl will enhance the flavors for a healthy and light cuisine, ecological and in line with current health disciplines. "

46X26,5 cm
Die Cast Aluminium
6.00 mm
Stove tops
Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Oven

Granito Gran Gourmet

Granito is the new line of cookware by Risolì in high thickness (6 mm) cast aluminum with the new non-stick triple-layer coating with addition of hardstone micro-minerals, which ensures high performance, maximum non-stick, greater strength and durability.

This type of coating allows a natural and free of fat cooking, because it allows a better heat distribution and cooking on a low flame, with no heat dispersion and without deform, while maintaining the taste and flavor of food.

With Granito also cleaning is quick and easy, requiring minimal amounts of water and soap, thus helping to protect the environment and avoiding waste.

Like all other lines of Risolì Granito is also without Pfoa, nickel free and eco-friendly.