Why become a Risolì retailer?


It means having the possibility to sell die-cast aluminium cookware, Made in Italy, with high-quality coatings, whether they are intended for the home or professional kitchens.


It means replacing outdated cast iron, steel and copper pans with a more manageable, durable, easy-to-clean product that guarantees even cooking that maintains the taste and flavour of food.


We have integrated high safety standards for the manufacture of products intended for contact with food (MOCA). International partners rely on Risolì thanks to our proven experience and technology.


It means offering customers beautiful and highly technological cookware. Risolì takes care of every single product, its 60 years of experience as expert craftsmen is its guarantee.

The characteristics of our products

  • Cookware in Die-Cast Aluminium, Made in Italy, with the highest level certified coatings.
  • Items that are ideal for domestic kitchens and others for professionals.
  • Easy to handle and durable products. Easy to clean and with a guarantee of even heat distribution to provide uniform cooking that maintains the taste and flavour of food.
  • The characteristics of the materials used, the design, innovation, creative passion and Italian craftsmanship of each piece, are a guarantee for success.

Risolì’s strengths

Easy Promo

Excellent reputation, guaranteed visibility


Try Risolì, with no obligation, to continuously offer your customers new products


Just in time is Risolì’s watchword

Excellent customer care

When needed, we are always there for each of our customers around the world

Blocked price list

Prices do not change during the year, even in the event of volatility; except in the case of exceptional events caused by “Force Majeure”

Stable profit margins

This means having a guarantee of profit in the medium and long term


“Explora” display

Professional display that includes a video space to present all the technical performance and quality of the new Explora range, directly in-store.

“Dr.Green” display

The attractive Dr.Green display  for stores. Perfect for showcasing the full range of Dr.Green products, accessories included, for an elegant and professional kitchen.


The Dr.Green/Risolì shopper is to be used in-store for gifts and customers. The Bestway to promote the brand in-store.

Counter display

Counter display for small spaces. Offers the option to display just one product at a time.

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