A long all-Italian story


Risolì® was founded in 1965, based on an idea by Alfredo Montini. The Risolì® Family’s factory is located in Lombardy, in Lumezzane, Brescia

The first Italian cookware company to obtain ISO UNI EN 9001 certification



The plant expands by another +2,000m2, to a total of 10,000m2


Sold to more than 15 million loyal families



The Risolì® Dr.Green patent is created to celebrate 50 years of business

The only company in the sector to have obtained “IT01” 100% Made in Italy certification


Risolì is


Innovative, with original, durable and solid accessories to facilitate the cooking process on the BBQ & outdoors


The right and complete choice for your gas or induction cooking.


The only brand to offer handmade and professional “Heavy Cast” cake moulds

Premium and high-quality materials

Risolì was established in Lumezzane in the early sixties. Alfredo Montini founded the company intending to create a space and a reputation in the market for top-quality kitchen utensils, so cast iron pans were replaced by cutting-edge cooking equipment, made from premium materials, with non-stick and scratch-resistant coatings.

Over time, craftsmanship and passion for every single detail have allowed us to create easy-to-handle designer products, using innovative techniques and ensuring a natural way of cooking, which enhances the palatability and taste of foods.

Today, Risolì is recognised worldwide for its UNI ISO 9001:200 certified products and skilfully combines an attentive design with the usual efficiency.

A passionate team with constant training

The production of kitchen equipment has become increasingly extensive and so has our team. Alfredo has been joined by his wife, children, and a group of experts in the sector to create an efficient Family Company and guarantee specific attention to the well-being of its employees.

It has become customary to carry out training and explain the characteristics and advantages of our products. ‘Made in Italy‘ is not just a front, it has been handed down from generation to generation, and the company is extremely proud to be able to make the know-how and soul of the company known to the increasing number of people who surround it, and feel themselves to be ‘Risolì Lovers‘, with the awareness that a healthy and technologically advanced environment will make the road to success safer.

Technology Made in Italy

The Risolì production chain is entirely Made in Italy. Each utensil is designed with the advice of the best chefs, produced through a network of certified suppliers, and finished by hand, ensuring long life and high quality.

The use of premium materials for food use, including Hi-Grade Aluminium from foundries in Lumezzane, allows us to create non-toxic cooking equipment, with no PFOA, APEO or Nickel, to guarantee total safety at the hob.

We pay close attention to every phase of the production process, with the certainty of constant controls, thanks to the most advanced machinery that allows precise monitoring of efficiency and quality indices.

Green Philosophy

We take sustainability very seriously. All our cooking equipment is made using the latest generation 4.0 Hybrid presses that offer maximum performance with a low environmental impact.

Molten aluminium, the cornerstone of our production, is made with recycled aluminium and is, in turn, recyclable. Just think, from 72 cans we can obtain a Risolì pan with a diameter of 28 cm.

To confirm Risolì’s commitment to cleaner energy, there are more than 850 photovoltaic panels installed on our 10,000 m2 plant.

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