Characteristics that make the difference


Infinitely recyclable material that allows you to obtain healthy and low-fat cuisine


Differentiated thicknesses for perfect heat distribution and even cooking


Just as Italian cuisine is famous worldwide, so too the pan must be its protagonist


Materials for food use as required by *reg 1935 “Good Manufacturing Practices”

Die-casting you wouldn’t expect

Die-casting is a permanent foundry process that can be carried out with multiple materials.

The mechanism involves the metal being melted inside furnaces and poured into a mould, made up of two metal half-moulds, using high pressure.

The die-casting process is used for all our lines. In this way, we can obtain excellent products, both in terms of shape and performance.

Our cookware is lightweight and non-deformable, providing maximum resistance to abrasions and excellent heat distribution.

Cutting-edge technology in the kitchen

The entire selection of Risolì frying pans, casserole pots and saucepans is designed, produced and finished by hand entirely within our factory based in Lumezzane (BS).

The raw materials used are of the highest quality and all our coatings are certified. Our production is based exclusively on the use of die-cast aluminium with a high-gauge base (from 5 mm to 8 mm), a strong and durable material, which ensures quick and even cooking.

Products checked one by one

All our products are PFOA Free and Nickel Free.

To maintain these high standards of quality, all stages of the production process are carried out very carefully, with constant checks on every single product.

Our staff receives continuous training, while advanced machinery allows precise monitoring of efficiency and quality indices.

In this way we can manufacture products that offer excellent performance, are durable over time and have attention to detail.

Unique design

Our products combine the best of Italian tradition with the most innovative techniques. This happens because Risolì carries out many studies and in-depth analyses of design and innovative manufacturing processes.

Each die-cast aluminium line is unique, as are its characteristics, which are studied in every detail to provide increasingly different experiences.

This scrupulous attention means we are appreciated by professional chefs and households all over the world.

A secure grip, always

Our cookware accessories are easy to handle and resistant so that they can guarantee greater safety in the kitchen.

The entire selection of handles and knobs is ergonomic, and all the materials used are selected to guarantee quality products.

To finish, specific treatments are applied to all handles to protect them against the development of micro-organisms.

Green philosophy, certified and guaranteed

Controlled production process

The production process is controlled from start to finish

Infinite recyclability

Pre- and post-consumer recycled and recyclable aluminium materials

Infinite recyclability

Pre- and post-consumer recycled and recyclable aluminium materials

Certified Non-stick coatings

Non-stick EcoGreen coating, certified for food use

Risolì’s strengths

HEAT® technology

Fully thermo-brazed base for much better performance

Shock Resistance

No deterioration, even after thousands of cycles of use

Less Expenditure

Maximum energy efficiency, minimum consumption

Non-stick property testing

Guaranteed non-stick properties

TÜV Certified

International Product Safety Certification

45,000+ abrasion testing cycles

High resistance to wear and abrasion of surfaces

LGA Testing

Coating longevity guaranteed by non-stick material

Greenstone® technology involves creating an innovative water-based non-stick coating, with double resistance to wear.

This system is a guarantee of high quality: the single die-cast aluminium body is completed with a triple non-stick, inert and inorganic layer, to provide high scratch resistance and easy cleaning.


The different coatings we use for our frying pans are specially designed to guarantee the highest quality in terms of resistance and longevity of the product, ensuring safety for humans and the environment.


The properly treated metal guarantees the correct adhesion. 3-layer coating system: base, intermediate layer, final layer.


The new formula guarantees excellent abrasion resistance. 3-layer water coating system: surface with a brighter finish, marked improvement in abrasion resistance, greater non-stick properties, with no PFOA and now also APEO free.


The properly treated metal guarantees the correct adhesion. 2-layer coating system: base and intermediate layer.


The properly treated metal guarantees the right adhesion. 3-layer coating system:  anchor-base, drying, double layer of sintered fluorinated resin.


3-layer PTFE coating with the top layer made up of a high-performance polymer. PTFE primer with integrated ceramic reinforcement, PTFE-reinforced intermediate layer + SIC (silicon carbide) formations, and topcoat made up of a high-performance polymer.

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