To each hob its own Risolì. Our extensive collection includes frying pans, saucepans, casserole pots and griddles with different characteristics, to meet the needs of every kitchen.

The latest collection of high-gauge cooking equipment, made of recycled aluminium and the latest generation 4.0 materials, is coated with Eldiamant profile, an integrated ceramic reinforcement + an intermediate reinforced layer in SIC (silicon carbide) to be fork-proof too. Of course, it is manufactured in Italy.

Cookware that can meet the needs of new culinary solutions, by replacing the old cast iron with high-performance, less weighty products, where the cooking juices fall and add moisture to the food. Slow cooking, yesterday’s craftsmanship with today’s quality!

Cookware suitable also for oven use, ideal for adding value to your recipes. Frying pans with Removable Click handles for every kind of use, space-saving and perfect for your oven.

Cookware for those who love to let their imagination run wild and interpret even the simplest recipes in new and different ways.

BBQ accessories, available in many sizes, manufactured in Italy, practical for cooking on the BBQ without generating smoke, and intelligent solutions to prevent food from falling through the grill spaces.

The range of entry-level griddles to suit every pocket but always with quality, manufactured in Italy.

Grill pans dedicated to a youthful clientele, with folding handle and silicone inserts, which are also removable, so they can go in the oven.

Our historic Crêpe pans and Griddles are available in all possible sizes, and for 60 years have been recognised worldwide as the “Originals” in the kitchen.

So Be the original version of yourself, not a bad copy of someone else.
(Judy Garland)

A selection of products for cooking dedicated to the world of HO.RE.CA., to the most demanding chefs, to express catering, quality catering and show cooking. Register with your VAT number and you can buy online with discounts just for you!

Cooking equipment with granite coating, hard stone for longer life and greater resistance, thanks to mineral micro-particles.

Risolì’s most sustainable collection for eco-friendly cooking equipment with water-based non-stick coating, nickel free – PFOA free, for delicate and healthy cuisine, all made with recycled aluminium and plastic-free packaging.

Exclusive “Heavy cast” dessert moulds that raise the bar for your creations, by guaranteeing finer details are baked directly into cakes and providing superior baking performance. Finished by hand, they are only available in selected stores or on our official website.

Series of small kitchen utensils in polished aluminium to make handmade ravioli, ‘Passatelli’ pasta and purées. Accessories such as nylon utensils, heat-resistant mats, induction adapters and products to care for your Risolì®.

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