The Forno line is made with special non-stick technology. Ideal for adding value and enhancing the aromas of your oven-baked recipes.

Platinum Plus Chemours® Coating

All the pieces in the Forno line are made from 6.0 mm cast aluminium, with a thick base.

In addition, they are fully coated with Platinum Plus Chemours®, which guarantees scratch resistance, durability and non-stick properties at high temperatures.

Made in Italy Quality

The high cooking performance of the line is guaranteed by the particular nature of its materials and the unmistakable Italian quality in the attention to every detail. This makes it possible to use all the equipment directly in the oven, in a durable way.

Baking trays, roasting pans, multipurpose ovens and saucepans designed to ensure a perfect gratin: impressing your guests has never been easier!

Packaging & Shopper

Tailor-made packaging is a symbol of attention to detail. The Forno line has impressive packaging, which defines its personality and generates emotions relating to the field to which it belongs.

pack vaporgrill

Forno products

  • Multipurpose Optima Forno 108,19 132,79 

    Multipurpose Jolly made of nonstick, high-thickness Die-cast Aluminum. 6 mm thick.

    Diameter Capacity in liters Height
    Ø 20 2,25 l 11 cm
    Ø 24 3,5 l 11 cm

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • Egg Pan Optima Forno 48,19 54,10 

    Ø20 and Ø24 nonstick egg pan. Height 5 cm.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • Oval roasting pan with lid 88,52 

    Single-body 36×24 roasting pan made of high quality die-cast aluminum and great comfort. The ideal tool for low heat cooking that does not destabilize food and promotes flavor development. Integrated quality chain 100% Italy. Measures 36×24 cm. 6 mm thick.

    Dimensions Capacity in liters Height
    36×24 cm 4 l 13 cm

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

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