The first action to be taken in the presence of a new and interesting object? Study it and understand its contents. Once assimilated, we will be able to fully govern its potential. The same principle applies to the Explora cooking products.

In the kitchen, as in any context where a person is free to express themselves, possessing the right tools is a vitally important factor. A source of inspiration for gastronomic creations of different origins. Free to create, therefore, Explore.

The ever-present piece of cookware in the kitchen of those who love to let their imagination run wild and interpret even the simplest recipes in a new and different way.

Cooking is an art of which everyone knows the secrets; with the Explora range, designed and produced by Risolì, the wisdom and uses of distant cultures live on in our hands, while creativity is free to express itself thanks to utensils that become real tools of gastronomic culture.

One piece of equipment, two cooking techniques

The Explora range is ideal for healthy and ethnically minded cuisine. The design is functional and makes it possible to cook multiple foods at the same time, with a dual technique.

Versatility in the kitchen

Enhance the flavour of your recipes with the products in the Explora line, which will stimulate your culinary creativity! The dual method of cooking, steaming or grilling, will enhance the flavour of food while keeping all the nutritional properties intact.

The glass lid ensures even distribution of steam, to perfectly cook your dishes. By removing the lid, you can use the grill function to finish cooking, for a fragrant and succulent result.

How does it work?

The use of Explora cookware is very simple and intuitive.

Simply pour some water into the VAPORgrill, cover it with the lid and cook. The steam produced will ensure that the properties of the ingredients are maintained.

Once steam cooking is finished, simply remove the lid and finish cooking on the grill, until the liquids fully evaporate.

Tradition and creativity

The concept of tradition is combined with that of creative cuisine. This distinctive feature also characterises the packaging, which in its simplicity, always manages to remain current over the years.

Explora products

  • VAPORgrill 26×26 cm with Lid eXplora 109,00 

    VAPORgrill is the perfect solution for steaming and not losing the nutritional properties of food. The 10 mm grid and lid allow the creation of optimal moisture content for slow, healthy and flavorful cooking. 10 mm thick. Size 26×26 cm.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • VaporPLUS Autograph 120,00 

    The perforated basket, made of special borosilicate glass, is versatile and durable: it can be used as a casserole dish combined with the lid and as a container for already cooked food.
    The glass lid allows you to monitor the progress of the firing. With steam, food retains all its beneficial properties, such as vitamins and minerals, and flavors are preserved more. 6 mm thick.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • -19%Limited
    BB Burger griddle with 3 cooking areas 69,00 

    BB Burger by BB Burger is the new tool in the Explora range designed for making burgers, english breakfasts and more. The design was specially developed to achieve multitasking cooking: cooking ingredients simultaneously while keeping the flavors distinct and unaltered. High-thickness cast aluminum with 100% Italian certified die, combined with the latest nonstick coating, guarantee professional performance. Kitchen 2.0 is born: a single tool for preparing multiple dishes at the same time. 6 mm thick.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

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