The BBQ line is made from resistant top-quality materials, for professional use. Grill with taste and surprise diners with the art of barbecuing!

Robustness and practicality

The BBQ line includes griddles, pans and grills in different sizes and original Risolì accessories. This cooking equipment is designed to ensure durability, practicality, and ease of cleaning.

Light up your creativity

Whether you want to try your hand at preparing delicious pork ribs, serve juicy Sunday roasts, or spoil your family with homemade pizzas, Risolì Barbecue cookware makes the cooking process easier and offers you delicious dishes.

100% Italian quality

The high cooking performance of the BBQ equipment is guaranteed by the quality of its materials and the unmistakable attention to detail.

Our selection of griddles and grill pans is made of high-gauge die-cast aluminium (6 mm) and is completed with an effective and safe triple non-stick layer.

In addition to cookware, we have an assortment of professional barbecue accessories that are convenient and easy to handle.

Upgrade and customise your Barbecue with our original Risolì accessories. If you have a BBQ but don’t know how to use it, or don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. Use one of our kits to help make cooking your dishes easier.

To each barbecue its own size

If you have a charcoal, gas or electric barbecue you will need to buy the right shape and size of grill pan. In this respect, you can find cast iron models that are very strong BUT have the disadvantage of being porous, so they retain everything they have absorbed and the next time you use them the smells and tastes of the foods will mix.

Therefore, having the best barbecue grill pan for perfect cooking is very important.

Very practical when cooking small pieces of food, such as peppers, zucchini, pieces of chicken, shrimp and strips of meat, as these are prevented from falling through the spaces in the grill.

BBQ products

  • Paella pan 32 cm for BBQ handles Inox 4 rivets 102,42 

    BBQ paella pan with handles and Risolì barbecue texture. The design is designed to offer ease of use, convenience in cleaning, and perfect cooking. Use is simple: just turn the Barbecue on full blast for 10 to 15 minutes, put the accessory away for another 10 minutes, to reach the required temperature. Next, clean with a soft brush or sponge. Do not use metal tools. 6 mm thick.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • Fingergrill 32×16 cm 38,91 

    FINGERgrill is the ideal griddle for cooking finger foods: small appetizers that can be enjoyed in one bite even without cutlery, which have now become a must-have of fine dining. Its surface is nonstick and designed to ensure even cooking, is perfect for serving your specialties on the table while still hot, and is super easy to clean. FINGERgrill can be used not only to cook miniature delicacies, but also to grill meat, fish, and vegetables either in the oven or on the barbecue, or directly on the stovetop. Size 32×16 cm.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • BBQ Frying pan 32 cm and CHESTNUTS handle Inox 4 rivets 102,42 

    BBQ frying pan with texture specifically for barbecue cooking. High thickness and nonstick surface ensure optimal cooking on coals. Ideal for example for grilling large and delicious steaks or pork chops, as it gives incredible streaks the browning grill captures and retains the juices of all kinds of meat. 6 mm thick.

    Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

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