Granito is a line of griddles, frying pans, casserole pots and saucepans with a triple non-stick Hard Stone layer. Ideal for healthy, tasty and natural cuisine.


Unmatched performance

Granito is a line designed and produced in Italy with premium materials and hand-finished details. The entire range guarantees high performance, longer life, and scratch resistance.

Available in two versions: the first for gas, electric, glass-ceramic hobs and oven; the second for induction.


Hard Stone Coating

The entire selection is made of high-gauge die-cast aluminium, which guarantees non-deformability. In addition, its excellent conductivity allows for quick and even heat distribution, to enhance the flavour of foods.

The utensils are completed with a high-performance 100% non-stick triple layer Hard Stone coating. This coating offers the typical characteristics of PTFE with greater strength, thanks to the ceramic fillers and resins it is made up of.

Rigorously Made in Italy

The cooking utensils are made with 100% Italian materials, the result of in-depth technological research.
The finishes are done by hand within our production process and the utensils are checked one by one, to guarantee greater durability and resistance to scratches.

Healthy cuisine

Healthy eating also means healthy cooking, with certified utensils. The Granito line is designed to meet the needs of natural cuisine: eco-friendly, no PFOA, nickel free and with the addition of mineral micro-particles.


Granito products are quick and easy to clean. Just use a damp sponge, with a little water, and wash even the most stubborn residues away effortlessly.


Strong packaging

The packaging of the Granito line is able to transmit, in the blink of an eye, the decisive character and strong personality of this range with cool tones and natural lines.

Granito products

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