Granito Premium Induction Frying Pan

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The deep frying pan is made of high-thickness Die-cast Aluminum and features a new high-performance Hard Stone Nonstick, greater durability and strength. The cooking tool is Eco friendly, PFOA free and Nickel free. 7 mm thick.

Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • Granito Premium Induction Frying Pan

    55,00 95,00 

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      Granito Premium Induction Frying Pan

      55,00 95,00 

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      Granito is the line of high-thickness die-cast aluminum grill pans, frying pans, casseroles and low casseroles complemented with the new triple-layer Hard Stone nonstick coating that is high-performance, longer lasting, more durable, eco friendly, PFOA-free, nickel free and with the addition of micro mineral particles.



      Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Induction



      Nonstick Granito Hard Stone



      Nickel amount below the quantification limit


      ECO ALU

      100% recycled and recyclable aluminum



      High-quality die-cast aluminum

      granito gamberi zucchine


      First, remove all labels on the product, after which take a paper towel lightly soaked in oil and wipe it all over the nonstick.

      At this point you can put the product on the induction cooktop and begin to preheat it.

      IMPORTANT : With Risolì extra induction products, use the maximum temperature of 4-5 on the power scale from 1-10 on your cooktop, which will not only save you money on energy costs but will prevent your Risolì from overheating in a very short time and damaging its coating.


      It means always making sure that the words Made in Italy are engraved on the product and not stuck with a simple label, is synonymous with the guarantee of the supply chain.


      Do not overheat the vacuum product too much; a 5-minute preheating will be sufficient.

      Those who say they are made of stone are stating the falsehood! Instead, it is correct to explain that it is a nonstick made with mineral particles that are sealed during processing in order to make its anti-stick performance higher than other materials that on the contrary tend to stick. The Granito Induction range has been on the market since 2016 and continues its success.

      Make sure your Induction hob is clean and free of salt and/or debris that can scratch the hob. Our induction bottom is solid-that’s why heat distribution is 50% more efficient than other induction bottoms with dots, geometries, or patterns.

      If we want them to last a lifetime, we recommend that their strength not be abused: the use of wooden, plastic, or silicone cooking utensils is best, and we recommend that the product not be used to store acidic foods such as tomatoes that could corrode the coating.

      After use, clean your Risolì with a mild detergent under lukewarm water (we recommend our GreenClean detergent) after which immediately dry it carefully with a clean cloth. You can also use the dishwasher but on a gentle cycle and possibly with nonaggressive detergents (we do not recommend tablets). Remember that the dishwasher may blacken the aluminum bottom by oxidation.

      granito premium induction cuori

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