20 May 2021

Donut bowl Risolì Royal D’Alù: delicious breakfasts and snacks

The new entry from Risolì will leave you breathless: we present the Royal D’Alù donut bowl! 

The unique die-cast aluminum donut shapes raise the bar of your cake, allowing you to give a creative touch to your breakfasts and snacks. 

With a diameter of 26 cm and made entirely of die-cast aluminum, the Royal D’Alù donut bowl guarantees homogeneous cooking and allows you to keep the heat constant, distributing it in an optimal way.

All the advantages of Royal D’Alù:

• 100% Made in Italy product
• Recycled and recyclable die-cast aluminum
• Non-stick bottom
• Nickel Free and PFOA Free
• Ideal for cooking in the oven up to 300° C

The Royal D’Alù donut bowl has a capacity for cakes up to 8 people and is available in three versions: Green Stone - Eldiamant - Granito®
Are you ready to get to work? Free all your imagination with Royal D’Alù!