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The ski champion Manuela Mölgg chose the Italian line Dr. Green for her physical balance

Manuela Mölgg is a Giant Slalom and Special Slalom specialist. She talks about her passion of HEALTHY COOKING and FITNESS and she knows that if you want to dominate the snow you have to take care of your body.

“I remember that when I was a young girl I used to wake up very early for breakfast, this moment of the day has always been very important for me. The dietician recommended us a diet rich of vitamins and a low-fat cooking. Thanks to those advice I felt great right away, from the warm-up exercises.”

During her long career ended in March 2018, Manuela Mölgg won 14 World Cup podiums at the Alpine Ski World Championships, almost all in the Giant Slalom speciality. She tells us about her life as athlete, remembering the need to be always alert and to understand the best curves and trajectories. At those times Manuela needed a big energy and she had to pay the right attention to her body.

We met her in Madonna di Campiglio, an Italian ski resort, during the Alpine Ski World Cup 2020:

We can say that although you left the races, you do always your best to keep fit, can we?

“I obviously miss the races, but we skiers pay always attention to fitness and wellness. For this reason I continue to train and take care of my passions even more, passions like high quality cooking. I pay attention to the cooking tools materials, thanks to Risolì I’ve understood and appreciated the difference between die-cast aluminium pans and other non-stick pans. The first have a better thermal distribution and allow to save a lot of energy, this is the reason why I chose Risolì cooking tools, that are environment-friendly, recycled and thick. A professional, whether a chef or a skier, has a personal connection with his work equipment and he perfectly knows what is best for him.”

“If you want to learn how to cook healthy and with appropriate cooking tools, the choice is Risolì. Recently I brought these products to our Mölgg Dolomites Residence in San Vigilio di Marebbe, a place surrounded by nature built with respect for humans and environment, it has the seal “Casa Clima A Nature”. It’s a place where seeking, finding and sharing the passion for natural cuisine. I obviously couldn’t miss Risolì in my kitchen, that has been making Italian high quality products since 1965.

Technology is even more influencing sport, including skiing. Getting used to the news is important, don’t you think?

“I had my debut in the Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup in 2000: I experienced a lot of changes firsthand. From the long and narrow skis of the beginning, to the newest short and wide carving skis. Hardness, materials, an infinite number of components has changed and quality has evolved. We can’t stay tied to the past cause innovation always brings important improvements.

Do you think this also can be applied to the cooking?

“Yes, sure. If you want to keep fit and healthy you should choose Made in Italy cooking products, guaranteed by a certified supply chain and made with non-toxic materials. Thinking that iron or steel are still the materials with the best thermal distribution and resistance can be a limit for healthy and natural cuisine.”

The first consequence of technology improvements is the performance growth in terms of time and speed. What was your relationship with a constantly updated sport?

“We can say that while the tools change, the skier must go forward and improve himself.

Then there is the physical part, the training part where you sweat to prepare yourself to the races. Giant Slalom is your speciality and is a combination of power and control. How do you balance these components?

“First of all training is fundamental to avoid injuries (Manuela has never missed a season due to injury, ed.). At the same time the food you choose is important: as I said before food is our fuel, if you eat wrong you can’t have the best performance.”

“With the right professional tools you can cook maintaining the food properties and flavors unaltered and reducing fats and seasoning. The result? Your health gets better and you have more time for yourself!”

How important is the mental component when you are on skis?

This sport is full of high level athletes. The psychological aspect is the component that allows you to make the difference. When I wore my bib I had something more. When I face a challenge I always try to do my best, even in the kitchen.” (laughs) “I have no regard for anybody. Outside the competition I am another person, but I never forget how important health is in the kitchen.

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