Dr.Green Induction Wok with Lid cm 32


Wok Ø32 made of high quality and comfortable die-cast aluminum. The only one with inert, inorganic GreenStone water-based nonstick with twice the wear resistance of standard pans. Now also Extra Induction so that everyone can enjoy the benefits and pleasure of using it. Integrated quality chain 100% ITALY. 7 mm thick.

Product made totally in Italy with Italian materials

  • Dr.Green Induction Wok with Lid cm 32


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      Dr.Green Induction Wok with Lid cm 32


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      Eating healthy also means cooking healthy, with certified utensils that do not release harmful substances into food, allowing for gentle cooking while respecting food and the environment. The wok in the line is designed and produced within our Italian supply chain with a water-based nonstick coating that is twice as wear-resistant as standard pans.



      Gas, Electric, Glass Ceramic, Induction



      Water-based Greenstone® nonstick



      Nickel amount below the quantification limit


      ECO ALU

      100% recycled and recyclable aluminum



      High-quality die-cast aluminum

      Set 4pz Dr


      First, remove all labels on the product, after which take a paper towel lightly soaked in oil and wipe it all over the nonstick.

      At this point you can put the product on the induction cooktop and begin to preheat it.

      IMPORTANT: With Risolì extra induction products, use the maximum temperature of 4-5 on the power scale from 1-10 on your cooktop, which will not only save you money on energy costs but will prevent your Risolìfrom overheating in a very short time and damaging its coating.

      A versatile culinary art object of ancient Chinese origin, the wok pot, is a semi-spherical shaped tool for cooking, sautéing, frying, boiling or steaming a wide variety of foods. A wok is a large aluminum vessel whose concave shape is able to evenly distribute heat over the entire surface, thus improving the cooking of food and keeping its nutritional properties intact, without losing the seasoning in cooking.


      It means always making sure that the words Made in Italy are engraved on the product and not stuck with a simple label, is synonymous with the guarantee of the supply chain.


      The elegant Risolì Wok, with a non-deformable cast aluminum frame coated with professional nonstick, equipped with a 6mm bottom, is dedicated to those who love elegance, sophistication, and the complicated simplicity of an original and exclusive style. Why should we decide to equip ourselves with this strange pan when we may already own so many? Simple, because it is extraordinary: foods cook in a short time in very little oil, keeping flavors and nutrients intact-all to the benefit of your health and, why not, your figure as well.

      Do not overheat the vacuum product too much, a preheating of 4-5 minutes will be sufficient .

      Make sure your induction hob is clean and free of salt and/or debris that can scratch the hob. Please note that our induction bottom is solid so with 50% more efficient heat distribution than other induction bottoms with pellets, geometries or designs.

      Greenstone eco-friendly nonstick performs well but is more sensitive to abrasion so we recommend not cutting food inside. If you see that it tends to darken, it is not a defect, but fatty cooking such as meat or acidic cooking such as tomato can stain it without affecting its performance.

      After use, clean your Risolì with a simple mild detergent under lukewarm water (we recommend our low-soda GreenClean detergent) after which you should immediately dry it carefully with a clean cloth .

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