BBQ accessories for a mouth-watering barbecue

Do you have a passion for barbecue or are you a beginner and don’t know where to start? Then this is the right place!

Today we are introducing you to our BBQ accessories designed to make the process of cooking your food easier and provide your family and friends with super tasty dishes.

Our grills are made of cast aluminium for durability, easy handling and cleaning.

Barbecuing is more than just cooking steaks, it is an art that must be cultivated with passion. To achieve excellent results, however, it is important to use professional, quality tools. One example is our die-cast aluminium Brochette Plate, which, thanks to its 8 stainless steel skewers, guarantees perfect cooking of food. The metal skewers are inexpensive, practical and come in various lengths and shapes to indulge your creativity!

A self-respecting griller also needs quality utensils, such as the tongs: the queen of accessories. It is the tool that will allow you to express your mastery in the kitchen. Our advice is to use two, one for food and one for charcoal. You can choose from numerous types, but the important thing is to select one that is at least 45 centimetres long so that you do not burn yourself when handling food on the grill.

The advantages of BBQ accessories:

  • 100% Made in Italy products
  • Recycled and recyclable die-cast aluminium
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Ideal for cooking on the barbecue, in the oven or on gas
  • Practical and handy

Discover the BBQ range and try your hand at barbecuing mouth-watering dishes!

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