Gambero Rosso & Risolì, the perfect pairing

Giorgione, Camilla, Sara and Laura, Marcello and Max… 6 cooking experts for 5 programs entirely dedicated to good food and carrying on the passion of Italian cooking: because MADE IN ITALY means not only knowing how to cook but being able to do it with professional and safe products.

And so it is that through recipes, reinterpretations and tradition Gambero Rosso Channel brings to the forefront the products of the Risolì range: products that are easily recognizable, make a difference in the preparation stages of dishes and are suitable for those who love quality in the kitchen.

Our fans know: follow us too on Sky Channel 412 to find out how to make the best use of Risolì’s 100% Made in Italy range.

Ambiente, Feb. 9-13, 2018 Frankfurt
Le Pignatte limited edition lines
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