Grilling has never been easier

Brochette Grill is one of the new 2018 additions to the Explora line!
EASY and INNOVATIVE, it can be used either on barbecues, gas or in the oven, it is ideal for everyone who loves to grill and skewer…the product everyone is looking for with the arrival of summer!
Equipped with as many as 8 stainless steel utensils to allow each skewer to be cooked perfectly, Brochette Grill is made of die-cast aluminum with professional nonstick that protects meats and vegetables from direct fire.

Due to the gentle and natural transfer of heat, Brochette Grill protects the nutritional values of foods, whether cooking them with a skewer or in the traditional way.

Easy to clean, you will also be able to grill and skewer while avoiding the presence of smoke that is annoying to you who use the BBQ as well as your neighbor.

Lighter than cast iron, easier to clean, higher performance
Grill or pizza? Non solo Pizza Risolì
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