Let’s cook natural with Chef Emanuele Giorgione

The added value of Green recipes

From aperitifs to desserts, Wellness Gourmet Chef Emanuele Giorgione will transport us to an all-natural world through the cookbook “Let’s Cook Natural,” which offers several plant-based and vegan recipes, with lots of ideas on how to organize groceries and dishes in a sustainable way.

The chef felt the desire to offer viable and tasty alternatives to those who wish to adopt a plant-based diet, offering a culinary journey of discovery of new ingredients, techniques to experiment with, and cutting-edge Risolì tools hand-finished with fine materials.

Health begins in the frying pan

The handy guide is divided into 6 sections and is ideal for serving the future of cooking on the table through healthy and delicious preparations, in which food becomes a tool of well-being, without losing sight of the pleasure of the palate and sight.

Appetizers, soups, first courses, main courses and desserts… All recipes feature natural ingredients and preparations made with eco-friendly utensils, such as Risolì kitchen tools, designed and certified not to release harmful substances, in full respect of food.

Innovation in the kitchen

The entirety of the proposed recipes are free–in addition to meat–of gluten, shellfish, eggs, fish, soy, dairy, sulfur dioxide and shellfish.

Are you curious to find out more about the 100% plant-based world? Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Multiple varieties of legumes
  • Creamy risottos without margarine
  • Lemon gnocchi without gluten
  • Vegetables, mushrooms and nuts
  • Sweet preparations with dates
Made in Italy, the real thing
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