Made in Italy, the real thing

Lumezzane, the heart of production

From raw materials to the finished product, from assembly to control: Risolì’s entire production chain bears the Made in Italy signature.

  • Design: Collaboration of top chefs
  • Production: Certified quality materials
  • Finishing: Handcrafted with extreme precision
  • Control: Monitoring of efficiency and quality

The company’s strong point is its wide selection of frying pans, casseroles and saucepans, which are manufactured and produced entirely in the factory based in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia.

Best certified materials

The raw materials used for the production of our cooking utensils are certified by a network of suppliers, who certify their high quality and durability.

In fact, the entire selection of products is made from a specific type of die-cast aluminium with a thick base and other food-safe, resistant and durable certified materials.

This allows us to produce products that are non-toxic, PFOA-, APEO- and nickel-free, so that total safety at the cooker is guaranteed.

Technology and design in the kitchen

Our cooking tools combine the best of Italian tradition with the most innovative techniques. The characteristics of each line are studied in detail, using increasingly advanced manufacturing processes and taking care of the design.

Manual quality control and the use of advanced machinery, which monitors efficiency indices, allow us to carefully follow each stage of the production process, producing light and non-deformable utensils that are appreciated by professional chefs and housewives all over the world.

New Risolì products at the Ambiente 2023 trade fair in Frankfurt
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