17 March 2017

RISOLÌ: worldwide Italian quality

A family, before a company, that still believes in the value of the real Made in Italy.

From Dr.Green®, that confirms the MUST-HAVE for a healthy and fat-free cooking, to  the new products presented in preview during the international trade fair Ambiente held in Frankfurt, Risolì consolidates the Group's success and for which we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended the event.

Among the novelties of this year, we find:

VAPORgrill, the first steam grid in the market, that allows two different cooking methods called at the same time, for the first time. The grill, for the perfect aroma and texture during the preparation of the food, and the vapor, for a healthy and fat-free cooking, all in one in a high quality tool 100% Made in Italy. For cooking without any compromise.

NonsoloPizza, the grill plate for cooking many different specialities, including pizza. Ideal for grilling meat, fish, vegetables or cooking pizza directly on the hob and, once cooked, you can serve the food on plates and trays or take it still warm straight to the table on the grill plate. Handy and practical, its surface is designed to cook evenly and give crunchiness and fragrance to all of your foods; in addition, it’s easy to clean in just a few seconds!

NonsoloBrunch, the new multi- cooking plate, which allows you to cook various food at the same time.

The preview of 2017 reinforce the Risolì quality worldwide and manifest the will of our company in continuous technological research, in order to bring the Italian quality on the stove for those who love cooking, and to guarantee and provide our customers with increasingly advanced cooking tools.