House Style interviews Roberto Foschi

Risolì Italy sales director, explains the success of the future-oriented brand
Interviewed by the magazine “Casa Stile” Roberto Foschi, sales director Italy Risolì tells about the line Le Pignatte and Risolì ‘s success in 4 points:

  • Interpreting the changes: with a view to the rediscovered focus on the food-health pair, Risolì supports the concept ofSlow Cooking, which is slow but healthy cooking without added fat and that preserves the qualities of food.
  • Material innovation: the search for new and alternative materials to those currently in use, with the aim of improving functionality and practicality. This is the example of the material used for the Le Pignatte line, which is proposed as an alternative to cast iron because of its light weight and heat-transmitting capacity.
  • Ethical and sustainable production: for a consumer who is conscious and attentive to the way he or she eats and cooks, it is also incumbent to pay attention to the way the tools he or she chooses to use are produced. It represents a moral thank you toward the consumer.
  • Exaltation of Made in Italy: 100% controlled and certified Italian supply chain production, quality of raw materials and service with deliveries in 48/72 hours represent a fundamental value for the Risolì brand, which has consolidated its experience and know-how in over 60 years in the Brescia area.
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